The Exchange

Nika Peas
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The Exchange
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Vivian, a petite translator, always managed her life with cold logic and spent her time between jobs taking care of her only living relative, her beloved Grandmother. Facing the seemingly insolvable problem of having to pay for this lovely woman’s operation in a private clinic, she reached a desperate and repugnant solution –agreeing to the offer of her current client, Matteo. Bargaining her debt, the rich and handsome Italian is willing to pay whatever she asks. The price? A single night of passion.
Gripped by remorse and shame, Vivian regards her fate as the cost she must accept. With near zero experience in the arena of love and the determination to overcome any obstacle for her Grandmother’s sake, she enters the darkened hotel room and is immediately blindfolded. She has no idea how this single night will change her, her lover hidden by darkness and playing her body like a fine instrument. In the morning, she leaves the already vacated hotel room with a dreamy smile – she can now pay for her Grandmother’s treatment and, on top of that, experienced her first taste of exquisite lovemaking.
Infatuated with passion, she has eyes only for Matteo, ignoring the tortured longings of his business partner, Ryan. This tall masculine Scotsman grinds his teeth, unable to explain to the fragile blond that, through intrigue and lies, he switched the liaison and deceived Matteo, taking his place and spending the entire night making passionate love to Vivian. How will he manage to bring Vivian’s seductive, shy body into his arms again?

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