Doro Pesch - All We Are Für Immer! (EN)

Karla Tallas
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Doro Pesch - All We Are Für Immer! (EN)
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Exclusive in-depth interview with rock/metal singer DORO PESCH, including biography and discography commented on by herself. 

Dorothee Pesch, known as DORO in the world of music, became most popular in the second half of the 1980s with her founding of WARLOCK. At that time, men dominated the heavy metal scene. She signs a recording cotract with the American record label Mercury Records and her popularity skyrockets. She gets offers to participate in big world tours and the biggest festivals. DORO manages to do something, that many musicians not just in Europe, secretly dream of. Something that no other European rock/metal singer has achieved until now. For her 10,000,000 music records sold, DORO has received several platinum and gold awards. In 2013, she was greatly honored at the "Golden Gods Awards" in London's O2 Arena, where she received the first ever "Legends-Awards" prize.  Her status of living legend and her unique journey in the music sphere was symbolically sealed 


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