Ronnie James Dio - Rock Till Death (EN)

Karla Tallas
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Ronnie James Dio - Rock Till Death (EN)
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In September 2009, I was probably the last one to do an extensive interview with RONNIE JAMES DIO. I was iincredibly lucky and I am truly thankful for the opportunity I was given. He was full of energy and had a lot planned. In that moment, no one, not even in the worst of nightmares, could imagine that none of those plans would come to fruition. I've decided to keep the interview unchanged and am publishing it verbatin. 

RONNIE JAMES DIO, one of the most respected personalities in the world of music, became famous in the 1970s and was active on the music scene for more than 50 years. His powerful voice and characteristic vocal expression brought him a lot of attention from early on in his career. He decided to just be himself and cleverly combined his distinctive personality with his unparalleled talent. Throughout all of his career, he managed to maintain a steady position on the music scene, avoiding both musical flops and personal scandals. He was embodiment of a true star. His humility, sense of equality and moral values made his unique personality even more distinct, helping him reach heights that few people manage to reach in a single lifetime. He was extraordinary in every aspect, with all his being sincerely and fully dedicated to rock'n'roll until the end of his days.  


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